Our philosophy is to build flexible tour program packages as well as tailor made experiences to suit the needs and preferences of our guests, whether that is a historical touring holiday, an exclusive luxury vacation, Christian Pilgrimages or excursions off the beaten path that allow our guest to immerse themselves into the local culture.


Unique Experiences

We design journeys to suit our guests whether that includes exclusive luxury or distinct activities within their itineraries. Guests can experience an authentic and traditional way of life by exploring the deep desert; have a culinary experience with a local chef; enjoy a hot air balloon flight and much more.


Cultural and Historical Tours

See ancient cities that go back more than 11,000 years.  From the lush green oasis of Jericho to the necropolis tombs in Beit Shearim, explore the archaeological ruins of the Holy Land and learn about the fascinating history of the civilizations of the ancient world. Guests also get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and try traditional cuisines.


Adventure Experiences

Our adventure tours are authentic experiences focused on combining active travel with history and culture. Travellers will get to walk, hike and trek across the natural countryside and visit unique cities, mountainous terrains and ancient trails.


Christian Pilgrimages

Explore the depths of the biblical sites of the Holy Land. Visit Jesus’ birthplace in Bethlehem, his hometown of Nazareth and walk through the Old City of Jerusalem along Via Dolorosa towards the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Sites & Bites of the Holy Land

Muslim Heritage Experience

Classic Holy Land Tour

Christian Heritage Experience

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We create flexible tour program packages and tailor made experiences to suit the needs and preferences of our guests.

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