Our mission:


When it comes to our guests, we are passionate about providing the absolute best quality of personalized experiences. With a staff with over 30 years of shared experience, we strive to exceed expectations with our knowledge and attention to detail. At our core we are a family run business with a philosophy of designing journeys to suit our guests, whether that is a historical touring experience, an exclusive luxury vacation or excursions off the beaten path that allow our guest to immerse themselves into the local culture.

We are there every step of the way and go the extra mile for our guests. Our travel specialists are passionate about crafting creative excursions. They are highly skilled, local experts that can deliver their vast knowledge of each location in a multitude of languages.

We are located in Jerusalem and offer authentic experiences within the country. We ensure entry to all visiting sites and arrange event management services upon request for special occasions. Also, we can arrange for meetings with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim dignitaries, leaders, or public figures.

Aeolus Tours is the General Sales Agent for Alitalia (the Italian Airlines). We are also a board member of the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA).